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Our Knot & Soul Story

Our Knot & Soul Story

We started Knot & Soul in October of 2019. 
Our mission was to focus on macramé hangers for
the indoor plant explosion. Macrame was trending
and as a complimentary product to plants we thought
it would make for a great fit. There was no "brand"
associated with macrame only individual artisans
selling via ETSY, etc. We wanted to create a community
and an amazing brand around macrame for our customers.

We still believe in macrame but as we continued to
get deeper into the space and by listening to our
followers & fans (AKA our #KnotAndSoulmates) we realized
that there were many other opportunities in this space
that could help us achieve our ultimate goal of providing
small items that #NurtureYourSpace.Hello BOHO. The Boho
trend encompasses macrame and so much more. Bright tones,
happy vibes, & trendy tribes took our hearts by surprise.
To us, the boho trend is chic & simple but also happy &
peaceful. It embodies free spirits and grateful hearts.
That's why we've recently launched our very own brand
of Boho Wall prints. At Knot & Soul we believe that when
you surround yourself with small items like macrame hangers
& boho wall prints it provokes feelings & thoughts full
of gratitude & perspective. We believe that when you fill
your space with small items that incite these sorts of
thoughts that it will make a big difference in your life.
Our mission is to help #NurtureYourSpace. Both in style and
in happiness. We want you to be proud of your space.
Whether it be your first home, your second apartment, or
just a room in your parent's basement. Having your own space
is a privilege and an honor. We believe that we should all
cherish our space & be grateful for it. That's why we do
what we do and we are so humbled by the opportunity to
provide a small item that we believe will make a big difference.

Forever yours,
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