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About us

A Family-Owned Local Business

Knot & Soul was founded in March of 2020. Yep, that March 2020 (COVID). We are a tiny two family company founded and operated out of Wilmington, North Carolina (910 stand up).


Accessible, Beautiful Living Spaces

Our daughters love art, and therefore so do we! Cara and Mayson both love to draw, color, & paint. Sometimes we even include their art in our shipments in hopes to spread some of their unique creations with our Knot & Soulmates. They are our inspiration and we love them to pieces.

Our second inspiration, our better halves (Brenna & Christina), are also a huge part of this crazy dream of ours. They are our nurturers, they are our family leaders, our MVPs. We both moved into new homes recently and watching them turn our houses into homes moves us to tears. We watched hand pick art prints, decor, & family treasures and delicately place them throughout our spaces. As a part of that process, we saw incredibly expensive and painful it was to find good art at good prices. In doing so, it conceived our dream of delivering the cheapest art prints in the world with the best customer service in the world to the best people in the world.

Our Mission

Affordable art for everyone

We were shocked and disappointed to find that other "big box" art stores were charging up to $100 for art prints and most at least $30 for one print! We set out to fix this, to bring art to normal people and families at more than fair prices. Initially we were fulfilling order by hand in our kitchens and living rooms. Luckily, we got some sales and found a great fulfillment partner to help us with this. After all, it was hard to keep scrambled eggs off the art prints that were scattered all over the kitchen table during breakfast!

Now, here we are, growing quickly and completing our mission to nurture your space one customer at a time. We're up over 4000 orders now and growing more and more every day. We have over 150 5 star reviews and we are so proud of that. Our tiny family business is here to serve you. We have an incredible return policy our 119% guarantee that states if for any reason you don't absolutely love your prints we will make it right or refund your money entirely + shipping (that's the extra 19%).

Our Commitment

The best customer service in the business

If you have any questions for anyone on our team we will work get it answered immediately and with love. We are so grateful for you, proud of what we've built, and stand behind our incredible art prints. Much love, we can't wait for you to join our community of Knot & Soulmates soon! 

\\ Brooks & Ben, Knot & Soul Co-Founders

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